All the vendors for the 2018 festival will be listed here as they are confirmed.  If you’d like to be a vendor at KYPF in February, click here to download the application and then follow the directions! Email with questions and completed applications.

Confirmed vendors for 2018:

  • 9th Dragonfly: Handspun yarn and products made from it.
  • Bardic Kitty: Hand-crafted colorful chainmail jewelry and anime-style art.
  • The Bawdy Shoppe: All the clothing that pirates need! Shirts, pants, vests, coats, bandanas, chemises, bodices, skirts, plus accessories like pocket watches and parrot feathers.
  • Beardstown Beard Co.: All-natural products for bearded scallywags.
  • The Beer Syrup Company: Syrup…made from beer! Try it in drinks at the bar, or coffee from McQuixote’s, and them take a bottle home to make your own concoctions!
  • Beyond Plunderdome: Pirate themed and New Orleans inspired accessories and jewelry made from feathers, beads, teeth, bones feet, and fangs.
  • Blue Flame Leather: All your leather accessories are here: belts, bags, bracers, notebooks covers, shoes, moccasins, sheaths, quivers, mugs, mug loops, aprons, leather covered flasks, wristbands, and more.
  • Bluegrass Staves: Furniture, art, and home decor made from repurposed Kentucky bourbon barrel staves.
  • Candles by Jenni: Handmade candles, bath bombs, and novelty soaps.
  • The Captain’s Kitchen Food Truck: Fish, shrimp, chicken, and beef po’ boys, New Orleans style!
  • Carrot Creations by Tunky: Tunics, skirts, pants, and bags crafted by Tunky.
  • Celestial Boutique: Original art prints, jewelry, faux taxidermy, magnets, stickers, clay figures, and more.
  • Celestial Staircase Creations: Leather bracers, bags, mug holders, and wire-wrapped jewelry.
  • Crystal Pirate Cove: All things pirate-themed! Flags, signs, trinkets, treasure boxes, jewelry, hand made decor, and more.
  • Dark Pony Art: Clay pendants and wearable horns of various styles.
  • Fae of Norsey Woods: Wooden pirate boat kits, coat racks, treasure boxes, and star wands.
  • Fairytale Fare: Hand-crafted jewelry, aromatherapy, and small leather goods.
  • Foblin Creations: Silk scarves, handmade jewelry, and bracelets.
  • Gothic Edge: Weapons, jewelry, books, home decor, and so much more brought from Lebanon, Ohio.
  • The Infinite Thread: Beautiful items of daily usefulness created to add joy and artistic value to one’s everyday experience.
  • Jaged Cats Leather: Leather bags, pouches, sheaths, and eyepatches! Embroidered towels, table runners, and baby hats.
  • Keelhaul Hats: Pirate hats, bowler hats, stovepipe hats, witch hats…all hand made in St. Louis.
  • Lenore’s Absinthery: Kits for making your own (real!) absinthe at home.
  • Little Shop of Jingles: Belly dance items from India & Pakistan to make you jingle from head to toe.
  • McQuixote Coffee and Books: Coffee, sandwiches, and baked goods right in the front of the Tim Faulkner Gallery!
  • Napier Arts: Fine jewelry made of copper, bronze, silver, gold, and gemstones crafted by Louisville artist James Napier.
  • Pearls of Wisdom: Choose an oyster from the briny deep and learn facts about oceanic life while your oyster is shucked. Any pearls that are found in your oyster are put in a pendant for you to keep!
  • Phoenix Moon: Tarot readings, reiki, gems, and handmade wands.
  • ReImagined by Luna: Handbound journals crafted from reclaimed leather, and recycled and handmade paper.
  • Soap and Spindle: Homemade soap in unique scents and vegan options, and crochet pieces.
  • Valkyrie Pewter:  Handmade pewter jewelry, statuary, and dishware. As seen at the Ohio Renaissance Faire!
  • White Pavilion: Medieval and Renaissance clothing for the discerning pirate.

[Click here to see the 2017 vendors.]