All the vendors for the 2018 festival will be listed here as they are confirmed.  If you’d like to be a vendor at KYPF in February, click here to download the application and then follow the directions! Email with questions and completed applications.

Confirmed vendors for 2018:

  • Carrot Creations by Tunky: Tunics, skirts, pants, bags, and puppets crafted by Tunky.
  • DADA Boutique:  Customized aromatherapy jewelry and more from Louisville.
  • Gothic Edge: Weapons, jewelry, books, home decor, and so much more brought from Lebanon, Ohio.
  • Keelhaul Hats: Pirate hats, bowler hats, stovepipe hats, witch hats…all hand made in St. Louis.
  • Napier Arts: Fine jewelry made of copper, bronze, silver, gold, and gemstones crafted by Louisville artist James Napier.
  • Valkyrie Pewter:  Handmade pewter jewelry, statuary, and dishware. As seen at the Ohio Renaissance Faire!

[Click here to see last year’s vendors.]