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Because of a recent change in alcohol sales laws, the Kentucky Pirate Fest will be running from 12PM (noon) TO 10PM instead of 2PM to 12AM (midnight).

Got it? 12PM to 10PM. Anyone under the age of 21 MUST be gone by 10PM. Those old enough for adult beverages are welcome to stick around for the EPIC PIRATE AFTER-PARTY!

Tickets for 2018 Now on Sale!

Buy them early and buy them often! Tickets are $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for children 12 and under. If you buy before midnight on Thanksgiving, the prices are only $10.00 and $7.00!

Not only does purchasing your tickets early get you a great discount, you get a better event! Every dollar we have to work with before the day of the festival is a dollar we can spend on this year’s festival to make it better! It really helps us give you the kind of festival we really want to give you.

Entertainment Schedule

The entertainment schedule is here! There are two stages with entertainers from 2pm-8pm, and a rowdy pirate concert featuring Drunk & Sailor and Kracker Dan Minstrels from 8pm to midnight! Kids’ costume contest at 3:30, adult costume contest at 9:30, a pirate dice tournament at 4:30, pirate speed dating at 6:30, painting classes at 5:30 and 7:00, kids activities and scavenger hunt all day, and pirate board game demos from Nerd Louisville. It’s going to be a busy day, so download a handy PDF of the schedule to plan ahead!


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Clothes Make the Pirate: Be Detail Oriented (Part 2) – The Details

In the previous article, I gave you four questions to use when adding details to your costume. You’re probably wondering just what kinds of details I was talking about. Have no fear, here’s a handy reference list!

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Clothes Make the Pirate: Be Detail Oriented (Part 1) – The Four Questions

There you are, standing in front of the mirror in your new-to-you pirate togs. You’re probably wondering “What the Hell do I do now?” First just take a moment and admire yourself because everyone looks bad ass as a pirate. Plus you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and that definitely deserves a moment of patting yourself on the back. Bravo! Now that that is done… No, really, pull yourself away because I have more ideas to take your costume from “cool” to “dayum, you look great.”

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Pirates of Kentucky

When one thinks of things Kentucky is known for, pirates are pretty far down the list. Kentucky cannot lay claim to any Francis Drake, Bartholomew Roberts, or other famous scallywags from the Golden Age of Piracy. That doesn’t mean there were no Kentucky pirates though! In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, the Ohio River was one of the major trade highways for the fledgling United States. Where there’s money on the water, there’s bound to be piracy, and Kentucky was a base of operations for several ruthless river raiders.
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Welcome Our Sponsor: Sew Fitting

Welcome Our Sponsor: Sew Fitting

Sew FittingWelcome to our first official sponsor, Sew Fitting. Affordable alterations and custom creations for all your clothing needs! From garment re-styling and simple alterations to bridal and custom clothing, tuxedo rental and sewing machine repair, Sew Fitting does it all.

If you need some new pirate garb before the Festival, Sew Fitting can take care of you! The shop is located at 156 E Main St, New Albany, Indiana 47150.

How Much Is Pirate Treasure Worth?

Pirate legends all tend to have a few similar threads running through them: daring raids and escapes, thrilling ship-to-ship battles, and most importantly treasure.

As the primary motivation of most pirates, treasure, loot, booty, and plunder tend to be integral parts of the story.  But without any real idea of the value of these coins it can be hard to get a sense of what a big prize really meant for the crew. Why, for example, was Captain Bartholomew Roberts’ crew considered fabulously wealthy after capturing 40,000 Portuguese moidores, but Captain Henry Morgan’s men were near mutiny after taking in a haul of 50,000 pieces of eight? What is a doubloon and why do I want one?
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Black Bart and the Art of Ship’s Capture

The year was 1720, the height of the Golden Age of Piracy. Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts and his crew had been lurking off the coast of Brazil for months in a thus-far futile search for unsuspecting prey. Roberts was new to command, having been elected to replace Howell Davis, the slain former captain of the Royal Rover, only a year before. Under Roberts, the Rover had seen some success, avenging Davis’ death and taking two small merchant ships. Most of this success could be written off as good fortune, however, as the ships in question both wandered across Roberts’ path within two days of each other. Brazil was the Rover’s first real venture under its new captain, and for almost 9 weeks it had been a disappointing failure. Undoubtedly, there was more than a little grumbling against the new captain. Roberts needed a prize, and he needed one soon.

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