Asmodues O'Reilly, the Pirate KingAsmodeus O’Reilly, the Pirate King

Who is the Pirate King, where did he come from, and what is his terrible scheme? Asmodeus O’Reilly sailed in from out of nowhere just one year ago, and he is a man of mystery. It is said that his father was an Irish brigand and his mother a demon from that place down below. If you believe the stories told about him, he wrestled a lion to death when he was only twelve years old and survived a two-month pub crawl to every pub in England.

He calls every pirate to attend his festival and determine the 2018 Pirate of the Year! But surely that cannot be the end of his plan, can it? Likely this is only the first stage in a sinister plot to…do something. Your guess is as good as anyone’s!

Band of Pirates

Band of Pirates

When professional impersonation, spot on cosplay, and ribald piratical musicianship meet in one group… you have the Band of Pirates. Hailing from the port of Cincinnati, this six-piece set of rowdy ramblers are always a crowd pleaser and never fail to entertain. For all fans of pillaging, plundering and burning things they play a set of covers and tunes of the swashbuckler’s age.

Bell Book and Canto

Bell Book and Canto

Primarily an acapella vocal group, Bell Book and Canto is a vivacious group of women with the yearning to sing. They are proud to call the majority of the music in their performances “theirs,” with shows composed of a number of originals, as well as traditional and classical covers. The girls also have a lot of fun writing and performing women’s bawdy tunes and drinking songs — because they can’t let the boys have all the fun — for renaissance faires and festivals. Sprinkled throughout their shows, you will find beautiful harmonies and complex dynamics, as well as lilting tunes, and refrains that ring of yesteryear.

Captain HookCaptain Hook

He’s possibly the most famous pirate of all time, and you can meet him! Ask him all those questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to, like “Is that movie with Robin Williams based on a true story?”

He is remarkably friendly for a dastardly villain, so there’s no reason to be scared! Adults and kids alike can take pictures and enjoy his delightful company!

Drunk & Sailor

Drunk & Sailor

Phillip McGuinness and Captain Amos are entering their tenth year of singing pirate songs together. AmpersAndrew joined the band in 2014, bringing his mandolin and kegs full of musical talent. Drunk & Sailor has been seen at renaissance festivals from the Gulf Coast to Lake Michigan, sci-fi/fan conventions, and more bars than they can remember. Wherever they take place, Drunk & Sailor shows feature the same high energy interactive format.

Keshvar ProjectKeshvar Project

Keshvar Project brings together the passions of musicians and dancers to create a unique 21st century expression of music and movement. The Cincinnati bellydance troupe that combines live, original song and dynamic, heart-felt dance to create powerful, mesmerizing performances. It is a rich collection of spirits creating dynamic, sensual and masterful music and belly dance. They create together – The Music moves the dancers/The Dancers inspire the music. The result is a feast for the eyes, the ears and the soul.

Knotty Bits SideshowKnotty Bits Sideshow

Knotty Bits is a family-friendly traveling circus and sideshow stage act. They have been seen on AMC’s “Showville” and at numerous Renaissance faires and pirate festivals doing their mix of dangerous acrobatics and stupid sideshow stunts!

The enchanting Sylver Fyre dazzles with her world famous fire eating act or cracking bullwhips, while Gwyd the Unusual does everything he can to keep from being hurt by broken glass, pointy nails, and the most dangerous thing of all…Sylver. This dynamic duo, along with their band of misfits, presents a fast and funny act designed to appeal to all audiences.

Louisville Improv CollectiveLouisville Improv Collective

Some of the greatest names in Louisville improv comedy are coming together to give you a hilarious and unpredicatble pirate comedy experience!

Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers

Tom Mason

The Blue Buccaneer himself! Tom Mason dresses like a pirate and plays a rollicking mix of piratical sing-alongs, rousing historical rave-ups, afro-cuban tinged ballads, Cajun sea shanties, and bluesy Irish jigs. He transforms festivals, performing arts centers, and urban nightclubs into bustling seaside taverns at the turn of the seventeenth century.

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